Road Trip of Dreams Leh, Ladakh in a Swift

Pangong Lake

Day 0.5 28th June 2018

I am Hareesh born in Bengaluru and brought up in many parts of north Karnataka. I did my diploma in Bengaluru where have made some awesome friends who has the zeal to travel. It was an all time dream of ours to do a road trip of Leh , Ladakh trip. Almost every year since 2011 we plans for the trip and postponed it every times. Year 2018 was the year all my core friends were able to get their leaves in place. And the date was set between June 28th 9th July. We did a lot of research went through so many blogs and videos to come with our plan. As per the research we understood that taking a rented (self drive cars) to Leh may not be a good option as the local cab unions in Leh will cause problems so it was decided to take our own car. The total head count was set to 4, places were decided, stay was booked for each day and bought all the essentials for the trip. As we are taking our own car we had to ship our car to Delhi even that was done like 10 days in advance. Speaking about the car we have a Maruti Suzuki Swift 2009 model yes not a SUV class or a Sedan or 4X4 vehicle just the good old swift hatch back for 4 people with luggage. When we shipped the car we packed the a box of accessories which we bought for the trip and placed it in the car. This was done to avoid luggage weight issues during our flight. Also to note people did suggest us that we will face issues if we travel with swift and Swift cannot climb the mountains. Did we face issues may be but to find that out go through the remaining blogs in this series.

Now the day had come which I am calling as Day 0.5 that was the day when we all travelled to Delhi. 1 out of us 4 reached Delhi on 28th morning to collect car and get some last moment checks. Other 3 of us had a flight at 10pm from Bangalore to Delhi. 2 of us did have to go to office and plan was to leave office a little early and start for airport at 6 as Bengaluru traffic cannot be predicted. We had planned everything and did every bookings well in advance but sometime things don’t go as you plan. 

During the day of 28th June we tried to get an update on the car delivery surprisingly the car was still 700km away that was a very upsetting news we called all the guys involved in the transport like the transport guy, truck owner truck driver there answers were not helping us. But we got to know the truck will not reach us on time as the plan was to start early morning on 29th July that dint happen. We were all disheartened, angered and sad as we started facing issues  even before beginning the trip. 

Our friend who reached early had to stay in a room in Delhi  and wasted a day without a car he could not do anything. And we boarded the flight to Delhi with lot of doubts, concerns and worries.

But the journey started. 

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